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Top 10 Indian Mathematician


There is no doubt that the world  is greatly indebted to the contributions made by Indian mathematicians. One of the most important contribution made by them was the introduction of decimal system as well as the invention of zero. Here are some the famous Indian mathematicians dating back from Indus Valley civilization and Vedas to Modern times.

  • Aryabhata
  •                      (476–550 CE)
  • Aryabhata worked on the place value system using letters to signify numbers and stating qualities. He discovered the position of nine planets and stated that these planets revolve around the sun. He also stated the correct number of days in a year that is 365.

    • Brahmagupta                   (598–670 CE)
    The most significant contribution of Brahmagupta was the introduction of zero(0) to the mathematics which stood for “nothing”.

    • Srinivasa Ramanujan
    Srinivasa Ramanujan is one of the celebrated Indian mathematicians. His important contributions to the field include Hardy-Ramanujan-Littlewood circle method in number theory, Roger-Ramanujan’s identities in partition of numbers, work on algebra of inequalities, elliptic functions, continued fractions, partial sums and products of hypergeometric series.

    • D. R. Kaprekar  
    Dattathreya Ramchandra Kaprekar graduated from the prestigious University of Mumbai and pursued his career as a teacher. He made contributions towards various topics such as magic squares, recurring decimals, integers with special properties and much more. This mathematician even has a constant named after him!

    • Bhaskara II
                     (1114–1185 CE)
    Bhaskara II so called to avoid any confusion with the first. His work represented significant mathematical and astronomical knowledge. He is most known for his work in calculus and how it is applied to astronomical problems and computations. Not only did he deal with calculus but had vast knowledge over arithmetic, algebra, mathematics of planets and spheres.

    • C.R. Rao
                      (Born 1920)
    C. R. Rao is a mathematical statistician is most famous for theory of estimation. He achieved his masters in mathematics from Andhra University after which he graduated in statistics from Calcultta University. He is also known for his contribution in discovering Cramer-Rao bound and the Rao-Blackwell theorem.

    • P. C. Mahalanobis
    Prasanta Chandra Mahalanobis was another well renowned Indian statistician just like Rao. He graduated from university of Cambridge in physics and mathematics. Popular for his work in discovering the D2 statistics (used for divergence based groupings). He was also the founder of Indian Statistical Institute.

    • Satyendra Nath Bose
    Till this date Bose must be the most famous Indian mathematician, specifically due to his association with the ingenious Albert Einstein. Bose sent his mathematical researches to Einstein and this lead to the discovery of the Bose-Einstein condensate phenomenon. He was rewarded by the Indian government for his contributions.

      • Harish Chandra
      The Indian originated American physicist and mathematician is famously known for infinite dimensional group representation theory. He made various contributions throughout his lifetime and has also be awarded with the cole prize by the American mathematical society.

      • Narendra Karmarkar
                                             (Born 1957)
      Narendra Karmarkar graduated from IIT Bombay in electrical engineering and went ahead to proceed with his studies in the U.S. to gain his PhD. He is best known for his work in inventing polynomial algorithms for linear programming. This fine mind created an overlap between international technology and mathematics to give birth to algorithms.

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